Connect with the qualified candidates you’re currently losing.

Dalia captures the attention of passive job seekers and turns them into an engaged talent pipeline.


Employers are losing the best candidates


of job seekers who visit job pages do not apply


Turn lost job seeker traffic into hires.

Dalia engages the highly qualified job seekers who visit your jobs but don’t apply so you don’t lose them. We make sure you connect with as many qualified candidates as possible.

Engage the best candidates, automatically.

Dalia’s Automated Nurturing Program puts the candidate first, driving high engagement, more qualified applications, and more hires. Dalia engages candidates automatically in the background. No new tools to learn or use!


Chloé Rada

"Dalia is the largest source of new candidates into our talent community we've ever had."

Susan Collins, PHR

"Dalia is consistently in our top third of sources when it comes to performance. It’s definitely a successful channel - the ROI is there."

Mark Milan

"We chose Dalia because it engages high-quality candidates who we otherwise would lose from our website. It’s easy to implement and delivers strong ROI."

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Great, let’s turbocharge it! Dalia is the #1 source of new candidates into our customers’ talent networks. We’re 100% complementary to any talent community or CRM.

Why Dalia?

1 It’s easy.

30 seconds to set up.

2 It’s hands-off.

We handle everything.

3 It improves what you already have.

Dalia complements your existing systems and investments.

4 It’s cost effective.

We combine a low monthly fee + ROI based pricing.

5 We really wanted a number five,

but it’s just that simple!

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