About Dalia.

Our team is passionate about helping job seekers and innovating today's candidate experience to make it more effective. We have deep experience in HR technology (Indeed, The Muse, Justworks, Greenhouse) and are focused on building great products for job seekers that provide measurable value for employers.

Meet the team

Sam Fitzroy

Founder & CEO

Before founding Dalia, Sam spent 12 years building some of recruitment technology's most successful job sites. He prides himself on building great products for job seekers, which lead to measurable success for employers.


Jason Whitman

Co-founder and COO

Jason is passionate about supporting the underserved, especially job seekers. He has spent the last 20 years leading teams in HR technology, including founding the Client Services team at Indeed and supporting employers at Justworks, a payroll and benefits provider for small businesses.


Youssef Garas

Senior Technical Advisor

Youssef is a software guru who creates applications with end users in mind. Working at Akamai for more than seven years where he led teams that delivered software that powers fortune 500 websites.


Santi Jimenez

Sales Development

Santi has worked in consulting and business development for 10 years. While performing these endeavors over various industries, his main goal has been to solve client's pain points through technology based solutions.


Mikaela Fitzwilliam

Sales Development

Mikaela has a lifetime passion for environmental and sustainability efforts, challenging the status quo to build a better tomorrow. After having spent the last seven years wearing many different hats at various organizations, she focuses on making personal connections to build business relationships and drive them forward.


Alexey Cherkashin

Software Engineer

Alexey takes care of every project as if it were his own kid. He focuses on helping teams hit strict deadlines while continually increasing code quality. This is Alexey's superpower.